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16th April 2007
As the weather gets warmer, so the Cookley Children feel tempted to dive into the River Stour and find similar entertaining things to do, as kids do. But it's a good job we have Mr. Caswell to tidy up the litter and cans that the children leave scattered along the river bank. Here's my message to these youngsters. Have fun, by all means, but don't risk your lives jumping in to a shallow river. It's not brave or clever if you get head injuries or broken bones. But more importantly, don't spoil the area by breaking the bank, making a mess or littering the area. Take your rubbish home, don't leave the tidying up to a concientious senior resident. Paul M

12th April 2007
OWEN SOUTHAN...funny thing..I hadn't thought of you for a while and this pyschic woman comes to work with me and tells me someone I still love feels the same way. She didn't specify if it was about me or not, but I'm home for Andrew's wedding Saturday and found a picture of as at Warwick Castle, we both looked awesome, and then was looking the internet at sh*t and found this website. I know Cookley isn't big, so someone you know is bound to see it and show you. Maybe you could call or write or something and we could catch up. I'd call you but that didn't go to well last time with the baby mama drama. Later, K? Kelly

3rd January 2007
Parish Hall.
Wasn't the original land 'gifted' to the village before control of the village hall was given over to the parish? Where will the money from the sale of this land be going? Will it be going to fund a replacement? EX RESIDENT

21st November 2006
To Mom and Dad
Thank you for all the help and assistance you have given me over the last few months. I am happy that you have seettled into your new home in cookley and wish you all the best in the future. Craig Wall

8th October 2006
Hey keith hobbis of elan close, you know who you are. you broke my heart about a year ago, i lost your baby & at the time my whole world too. you will always bring a smile to my face & a moistness you know where. hope geniene makes you happy i would've done had you given me chance. love you. ME.X

4th September 2006

We have owned a share in a narrowboat named Cookley for the past four years. We were keen to visit the village from where our boat was named and earlier today did so. After a pleasant walk through the village and the tunnel we made a short trip up the tow path to Debdale Lock returning to a most enjoyable Sunday lunch at The Bulls Head. We look forward to returning by boat when Cookley is moored a little closer when we will not have to drive home. Thank you for an enjoyable day out.
Phil and Karen Gallagher

4th May 2006

I took a walk through the village yesterday and it struck me what a filthy, untidy mess it is at the moment. There is so much rubbish and grit on the edge of the road, that you could build a new motorway from Cookley to Wolverhampton. What has happened to street cleaning.? We pay our rates like anyone else. It is obvious the roads have not been swept for months. And litter - well I won't even start on that one!!!
Andy Prior - Cookley

11th April 2006

My say is that LOTS of people are being (quite rightly) "sentimental" over the beautiful southern end of Kinver Edge. This has remained untouched since 1948 along with its remarkable ancient cave village and its historic war time tunnels. Why are you focusing on the tunnels? It's the natural and historic environment that matters. These appalling plans only call for limited use of the tunnels, its the wider landscape which I (like so many people) don't want destroyed by this commercial development in our greenbelt.
edmund simons - Kingsford

Have YOUR Say - what do you think about the tunnels? Are they worth preserving or are a few people being sentimental over some dark, damp and dingy caves? Have YOUR Say here.
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