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24th February 2007
Message from Leslie Price
Hello does any one know me, I bet a few do. If so send me a e-mail, like to hear from you. Les. email
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19th September 2006
Message from County Councillor Paul Mills
hi everyone
i have never been on this site before and would be quite happy to talk to anyone who remembers me. i lived at no 27 westhead rd from 1960 till 1982 and i have 2 sisters jeanette & christine & a brother pete. my parents trevor & gill now reside in colwyn bay. i am married to dot (23 years) and have 3 children. i look forward to hearing from you. bye for now paul mills
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17th July 2006
Message from Steve, the Webmaster.
A new addition to the website is this message page for ex-Cookley people to keep in touch. Messages are welcome from Cookley residents to ex-pats, and from ex-pats to old friends and family still living in Cookley. You can submit a message. click here
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